Gift Guide

Gift Ideas for Grandparents

For a generation that is trying to downsize and declutter, it is more important than ever to create gifts for grandparents that are beautiful, functional and meaningful. Sounds daunting doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s actually very easy to create a meaningful gift that will be valued, and even passed down through generations. We have gift ideas for every budget that will be sure to make them smile, maybe make them cry, and definitely show them how much they are loved.

4 things to consider when buying for Grandparents

Custom cutting board with a design engraved for guys that love to BBQ!

1. Choose something meaningful.

This can be as easy as choosing a product that aligns with their interests and personalizing it with special saying. We make meaningful gifts easy!

Ideas to make a meaningful gift for grandparents

  • Add the names of the grandchildren.
  • Personalize it with the name the grandchildren call them.
  • Engrave a sentimental saying in their native language.
  • Engrave the grandchild’s own handwriting, handprints or footprints.

Family tree on a large cheeseboard

2. Consider involving the whole family.

There is nothing more important to Grandparents than family.  Seeing their entire family – what they started – engraved on a gift will solidify their legacy and likely make them cry. Of all their accomplishments, they are most proud of their family.

Gift ideas for grandparents that include the whole family

There are a lot of ways to include the whole family. Our family trees are the most stunning. Just make sure you have everyone’s first, middle, and last names spelled correctly. If that’s too much pressure, try our family design. For smaller families, our initial design is an elegant way to include everyone. Engrave any of these designs on our cutting boards, or live-edge charcuterie boards.

Custom engraved cutting board with family member's names engraved in the heart.

3. Make sure it’s functional.

Grandparents don’t need more “stuff.” A functional gift ensures it will not be forgotten, but also brings a smile to their face every time they use it. These everyday reminders that they are loved will boost their mood and increase their overall happiness.

Functional gift ideas for grandparents

This is easy – we strive to make all our gifts functional! Everything from golf tees to cutting boards we’ve worked hard to offer gifts that are all beautiful, functional and meaningful!

Custom cutting board with handwritten recipe engraved.

4. Create something “bragable.”

A “bragable” gift is something that they will want to show their friends. The simplest way to create a brag-worthy gift is to engrave handwriting, handprints or footprints. Whether it’s a handwritten family recipe engraved on a cutting board, or your child’s handprint engraved on an ornament, Grandma and Grandpa will have plenty to brag about.