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What’s the Difference Between a Live Edge Charcuterie Board and a Cutting Board?

What’s the difference between a live edge charcuterie board and a cutting board? Great question! We get asked this a lot. The truth is, that many people use the terms interchangeably, but when you’re looking for a personalized gift, there are a few important differences that you should consider. I’ll outline those differences below and highlight what makes our boards different from others on the market. I’ll also give you suggestions as to which product is best for the type of gift you are buying. If you’d like to discuss a specific gift, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to help. Make sure you sign up to be an RTS Insider to get access to free products, exclusive offers, and early access to our sales.

The biggest difference between a cutting board and a charcuterie board is how they are used.

Cutting boards are meant to cut and prepare food, while charcuterie boards are meant to display food. This is an important difference to understand as it may help you decide which is the better gift. For example, our charcuterie boards are very popular with realtors and other professionals looking for client gifts because they are used at parties and are natural conversation starters. Guests are gathered around the buffet at a party, notice the beautiful engraving and always ask, “where did you get that?” The benefit to the realtor, of course, is that now they are being talked about at a party and their referral rates will increase.

Even if you are not a realtor, this difference should help you decide which product is best for the person you are buying for. Do they love to entertain? Do they often host family during the holidays? Then I suggest getting a personalized charcuterie board. Do they have a beautiful kitchen or love to cook, but rarely entertain? Then a cutting board may be a better choice.

Another important difference – how they’re made.

Tuscan home sweet home engraved in the corner of a rectangular cutting board.

Our cutting boards are 100% Canadian and made from a mix of different maple hardwoods. Every board is unique, with colour and grain pattern differences in every piece.

The edges are sanded smooth and they sit flat on the table.

Both sides can be used to cut and prepare food, but most of our customers tell us they like to display the beautiful design and use the opposite side for cutting. Because of this, when you choose to give a personalized cutting board as a gift, we recommend engraving only one side.

Live edge cheeseboard with an initial and name engraved in the corner.

Live Edge Charcuterie Boards are sourced from Canadian artisans and are made from one piece of wood. You can get charcuterie boards in many different species, with maple, cherry, and walnut being the most popular. The term “live edge,” means that the edge of the wood is left in its natural state. Learn more about live edge boards.

The back of a charcuterie board showing the felted feet and location of an engraved logo.

Unlike cutting boards, charcuterie boards sit on felted feet that raise them off the table and make them a focal point of any buffet.

Pro tip: If giving a client gift, make it more professional by engraving your logo on the back. Learn more about our client gift bundles here.

Both cutting boards and live edge charcuterie boards make amazing gifts.

No matter which decision you make, rest assured that your gift will be well received. The engraving is beautiful – photographs don’t do it justice, and when you personalize the design you instantly make it meaningful as well.

You can choose from one of our many popular designs or we can work with you to create something custom. No matter what you choose, we’ll always send a design file for you to approve before we engrave. This puts YOU in charge and you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect when you see your board for the first time.

For a complete gift, add a gift box and a container of board balm to your order. We can gift wrap, add a handwritten card and ship directly for you too! We’ve tried to make giving a beautiful, functional and meaningful gift as easy as possible.

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