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Client Gifts That Keep Them Coming Back.

As a real estate agent, giving a personalized gift to your clients can be an excellent way to establish a strong and long-lasting connection with them. By presenting them with a gift, you express your appreciation for their trust and business. A thoughtful gift can have a lasting impact on your client and make you stand out from other agents. This, in turn, will help ensure that they remember you and refer you to their friends and family.

We’ve made it easy to give thoughtful gifts to your clients and created client gift bundles for repeat buyers to ensure you have the best price.

Give meaningful gifts that start conversations and strengthen client relationships.

This is how it works.

You purchase a bundle of 5 or 10 gifts now and we set them aside so they are ready to personalize whenever you need them. Depending on your budget, you can choose between bundles of cutting boards or charcuterie boards. The cost is lower per gift because you are buying them in bulk, but you can still personalize every gift so your client feels special. There is no expiration date, so don’t worry if it takes you a few years to work through your bundle. You can also choose to use your bundle for other gift occasions. If business is slow, use them as a thank-you for a referral, a last-minute wedding gift, or an anniversary gift for a friend.

The benefit is lower prices and ease of ordering. Once you’ve made one gift with us, your preferences are saved in your client file and you can order your next gift with one click.

Initial design engraved on a live edge charcuterie board.

The Benefits of Client Gift Bundles

  • Ready-to-give. You get a thoughtful, personalized client gift that they will LOVE – professionally packaged and ready to give.
  • Save money. Buy more now, and use them later.
  • Save time. Bookmark this link to reorder with one click.
  • Fast turnaround. Bundle clients take priority.
  • More eyes on your business. Backlinks to your website can increase your domain authority and help clients find you on Google. (Optional)
  • Direct shipping or local delivery. Ask us how to get free shipping.

Are Client Gift Bundles Right For Your Business?

Client gift bundles were designed with real estate agents in mind, but any business that values giving a personalized gift to each client, with the benefit of bulk buying savings, should consider client gift bundles.

If any 2 of these apply to your business, you will save money with client gift bundles.

  • You might want a custom design or a photo engraved.
  • You want to add your logo or a personal message engraved on the back of your gift.
  • You want your logo (instead of ours) on the gift box.
  • You may need a gift completed quickly.
Real estate photograph engraved on a charcuterie board are a custom order.
Made in Canada charcuterie boards used to create custom engraved gifts.

Other Ways to Save on Corporate Gifts

We also offer options for businesses looking to have gifts with either just their logo engraved or a generic design, with better pricing on larger order volumes. 

Engrave your gifts only when you’re ready to give them.

Client Gift Bundle Options

Option 1: Live Edge Charcuterie boards

When your clients love their gifts, they use them. Charcuterie boards are meant to display food at gatherings so many people will see it. A personalized engraved board is a natural conversation starter. The first question everyone asks is, “Where did you get that?!” This steers the conversation to you and their experience with you as their agent. It’s the most organic way to get referrals.

Quote from a homeowner to a realtor thanking them for the thoughtful gift engraved charcuterie board.

The benefits of charcuterie boards as client gifts

  • High-end gifts within budget. Personalized charcuterie boards are a high-quality gift that makes a great impression.
  • Beautiful keepsakes. Customers are wowed by the personalized engraving.
  • Meant for parties. By design, many people will see and comment on your gift.
  • Conversation starter. The first question is usually, “Where did you get that?”
  • Personal touches. Stay top of mind with your logo or a personal message engraved on the back (optional).
  • Professional packaging. Your logo is engraved on the high-quality gift box (optional)

Personalized gifts make clients feel valued.

Option 2: Cutting Boards

Where charcuterie boards are used to present food, cutting boards are used to prepare food. Personalized cutting boards are often displayed as part of a kitchen vignette, and are therefore admired even when not in use.

Cutting boards differ from charcuterie boards in that the edges are sanded smooth, they sit flat on the counter and both sides are functional. There are two styles to choose from; a rectangular style and a paddle style cutting board.

Many paddle style cutting boards with Tuscan our home design personalized to different clients.

The benefits of cutting boards as client gifts

  • Budget-friendly. Cutting boards are just as beautiful and less expensive than charcuterie boards.
  • Compact & functional. Paddle-style cutting boards can be hung on the wall. This makes them the best solution for clients who are downsizing.
  • Beautiful & meaningful. Displayed daily and commented on often.
  • Personal touches. Your logo or a personal message is engraved in the bottom corner (optional).
  • Professional packaging. Your logo is engraved on the high-quality gift box (optional)

Yes, we can work with your budget and give you options.

Beautiful, Functional, and Meaningful Gifts Increase Referral Rates

  1. Beautiful gifts are displayed in the home and are noticed by guests. This starts an organic conversation which usually begins with, “Where did you get that?” And continues with them talking about you.
  2. Functional gifts are rarely discarded, downsized, or decluttered.
  3. Meaningful gifts leave an impact on your client and build trust. Taking the time to personalize their gift shows them that they are important to you, not just their business. When you trust your real estate agent, you refer them.

Not ready to buy in bulk and save? No problem.

Multiple gift boxes with a logo engraved.

21 Days to Decide

Ready to see what we can do? Order an individual board now at full price and have 21 days to decide if you want to upgrade to the wholesale package.

Have more questions? 

We would love to connect with you in whatever way is convenient for you. You can visit our Client Gift Frequently Asked Questions page, email us, or call us anytime. Sick of links? Me too. Our phone number is 905-510-7174. We look forward to working with you!

Round Trip Studios is located in Ontario, Canada. Ask us about free delivery for local clients and free shipping on qualifying orders.

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