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Mother’s Day 2024 Canada

Engraved cutting board with family is everything and the names of the family members in the heart.

Here’s a secret… Mom doesn’t realize how important she is. Even with all the well-intentioned flowers and brunches, she still doesn’t GET it. So, in 2024, let’s show her what she means to us, and the impact she has on our lives. These 10 meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas will do just that. Get ready …

Gift Guide

Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Engraved cutting board, made in Canada, with the name, wedding date and design celebrating a milestone anniversary.

For a generation that is trying to downsize and declutter, it is more important than ever to create gifts for grandparents that are beautiful, functional and meaningful. Sounds daunting doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s actually very easy to create a meaningful gift that will be valued, and even passed down through generations. We have gift …