Wall art canvas and acrylic paintings for sale

Let’s take a hike

Original wall art canvas paintings inspired by Canada’s natural beauty will lift your mood, and remind you of the healing effect of nature even on the coldest days.

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Hikes on Vancouver Island, Canada

Original Paintings For Sale: Wall Art: Acrylic on Canvas

Hikes in Ontario, Canada

Original Wall Art Canvas Paintings For Sale

About the Artist: Gina Morewood

 At the end of a forty year career in medicine, I was invited to go on a month-long backpacking hike through Spain on the Camino De Santiago. This turned out to be a life-changing experience. The pilgrimage was such an inspiration: memories of people, ancient places, history, and songs of nature are still so vivid. 

Recurring themes in my work are Life as a Journey, and Love of Nature. My favorite form of painting is “en Plein Air”. I have had three exceptional teachers; Sam Poanese, Dianna Shynne, and recently Jed Dorsey of Acrylic University.  Their enthusiasm and joy of painting is passed on to all of their students.