Client Gift Bundles were designed with real estate agents in mind, but any business that values giving personalized gifts to clients, with the benefit of bulk buying savings, should consider Client Gift Bundles.

Made in Canada charcuterie boards used to create custom engraved gifts.

This is how it works:

You purchase a bundle of 5 or 10 gifts now and we set them aside so they are ready to personalize whenever you need them. The cost is lower per gift because you are buying them in bulk, but you can still personalize every gift so your client feels special. There is no expiration date, so don’t worry if it takes you a few years to work through your bundle. 

The benefit is lower prices and ease of ordering. Once you’ve made one gift with us, your preferences are saved in your client file and you can order your next gift with one click.

Your Gift Includes

  • High-end gifts within budget. Choose between bundles of live-edge charcuterie boards or cutting boards.
  • Beautiful keepsake. Personalized designs make your clients feel valued.
  • Upscaled professionalism. Stand out with gifts that are branded with your logo. (optional)
  • Ready-to-give. Professionally packaged and ready to give.
  • Fast turnaround. Tell us when you need it. You’re a priority.
  • Direct shipping or local pick up. Ask us how to get free shipping.
Realtor logo on gift boxes with ribbon.

Are Client Gift Bundles Right for Your Business?

Client Gift Bundles are priced to give you the maximum amount of benefits at the lowest possible price. They include all the options that are available when you order an individual gift. Take a look at the list of options below. If only one applies to you, you’ll save money with a 10-board bundle. If two or more apply to you, you’ll save money with any bundle. If none apply to you, it’s best to order your gifts individually.

Real estate photograph engraved on a charcuterie board are a custom order.

Which options would you choose?

  • Custom design. You might want a custom design or a photo engraved. Photo engraving is exclusive to bundle clients.
  • Engrave the back. You want to add your logo or a custom message to the back of your gift.
  • Branded gift boxes. You want the gift box to have your logo instead of ours.
  • Rush orders. Bundle clients don’t pay rush fees. 

Yes, we have other packages to fit different budgets.

Client Gift Bundle Options

Option 1: Live Edge Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie boards are the most popular choice for gifts to clients. They are an impressive, high-end gift that wows clients. Charcuterie boards are best for clients who love to entertain. With beautiful personalized engraving, they are the focal point of any buffet and will be seen by many people. They act as natural conversation starters which often leads to organic referrals.

Option 2: Cutting Boards

While charcuterie boards are used to present food, cutting boards are used to prepare food. Personalized cutting boards are displayed as part of a kitchen vignette, and are admired even when not in use. Cutting boards differ from charcuterie boards in that the edges are sanded smooth, they sit flat on the counter and both sides are functional. There are two styles of cutting board to choose from; a rectangular style and a paddle style that has a handle. Cutting boards are a great choice for clients who are downsizing.

Engrave your gifts only when you’re ready to give them.

Price Comparison for Client Gift Bundles vs. Individual Gifts with All the Options

ProductIndividual10-Board Bundle5-Board Bundle
Small Charcuterie Board209.96139.99154.99
Medium Charcuterie Board239.96159.99174.99
Large Charcuterie Board269.96189.99209.99
Paddle-Style Cutting Board159.9684.9994.99
Rectangular Cutting Board174.9694.99104.99
Savings30-46% savings!22-40% savings!
Price is per gift, in Canadian dollars, not including tax.

Giving gifts to clients differentiates you from your competitors.

Tuscan home sweet home engraved in the corner of a rectangular cutting board.

Let’s walk through it.

Our goal is to make the process of gift-giving as easy as possible. We know you’re busy. We also know how important your reputation is to the success of your business. 

Bundle clients enjoy one-click reordering. Bookmark this link for the fastest reordering experience.

  • When you need a gift browse the designs and click here to order
  • Free proofs & unlimited edits. We’ll email you a design file to approve and you can make any changes you want at this time.
  • Professional packaging. Once the design is approved, we’ll engrave your gift and package it professionally.
  • What’s easier for you? We can deliver your gift to you or directly to your client. All shipments are tracked.
  • Excellent communication. You’ll receive an email with a photo of the board so you know exactly what your gift looks like. 

Not ready for wholesale gifts to clients? No problem. You can order individual gifts here. You have 21 days from the order date to decide if you want to upgrade to the wholesale package. If you choose to upgrade, we will deduct the amount you paid from the balance owed on the wholesale order. We are here to help. So don’t hesitate to email or call us with questions or concerns. Sign up to be an RTS Insider and be the first to know about any new products, designs, or free giveaways.