Cork Clothing Tags

  • Custom quote. We’ll email you within 2 business days.
  • Durable & washable. Cork fabric engraves beautifully.
  • Free proofs. Approve the design file before engraving.
  • Unlimited edits. We’ll edit the design file until you’re happy.
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  • Professional touch. Engrave your logo to make any gift more professional.


Create custom tags for clothing, Canada

Custom tags for clothing are made from cork fabric; a durable, and washable fabric made by laminating thin cork bark sheets to the fabric support backing. Cork has a natural variation of colour and texture that is sought after by high-end designers. The design is permanently engraved into the fabric. 

  • High quality. Made from washable cork fabric with engraved designs. No ink or stickers!
  • Budget-friendly. Get better pricing with higher order volumes.
  • Completely customized. Customize the size, shape, and engraving of your tags.
  • Instant professionalism. You take care to look and act professionally, you’re gift should reflect that.

Custom tags are a thoughtful way to say thank you

My mother-in-law has knit each of my kids a sweater. She has knit every grandchild a sweater, every year, alternating with a new grandchild per year so no one gets left out.  So, one Christmas, I surprised her with personalized knitting tags. Well, she cried. A lot. This simple gift showed her how much we appreciated all the time and love that goes into those sweaters, but also made her feel a sense of legacy – knowing that when each child grew up, they would know exactly who made that sweater for them, and would be reminded of how much they were loved. There is so much love and thought that goes into a handmade gift.  It’s time to celebrate the people that make them.

Personalizing your custom tags for clothing in Canada

We’ll work with you to create the best design for your tags based on their intended use. Fill out the form with as much detail as possible and we’ll create a custom quote for you. We will offer design, size, and quantity suggestions based on your needs and budget. 

Inspiration Photos:

Inspiration photos can help bring your vision to life.  The more information you give us, the better. Our designer will use this information to create something beautiful and we’ll work with you to tweak the design until it is perfect. We will not engrave any information protected by copyright law without consent from the owner. 

Our goal is to make gift-giving as easy as possible. We’ve got great ideas for meaningful client or wholesale gifts to help you stand out. For the fastest turnaround time, choose Milton pickup at checkout. Shipping is available worldwide.


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