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Imagine unpacking these year after year. Your kids will be so proud! And you will both smile at how quickly they grow up.

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The best Christmas gift from kids is not big, nor expensive. It is heartfelt.

Engraved wood ornaments beautifully display your children’s artwork. Children love to give gifts, especially ones they are proud of. Now, you can give beautiful gifts that any family member would love to display on their Christmas tree. Your drawings are permanently engraved on our rustic birch ornaments. These unique ornaments capture a moment in time and allow you to relive it every year. You and your children will love looking back and seeing what their younger selves thought of the world, and all of those feelings you had when they were that age will come flooding back. The ability to trigger these feelings year after year is what makes this the best Christmas gift from kids.

Engraved wood: How do we engrave your drawings?

There are some easy things you can do to ensure quality engraving. Have your kids write on plain white paper with a black Sharpie marker. For ornaments, it helps to give the kids an approximate circle to work within, but make it big – we can reduce the size afterward. Draw the circle lightly in pencil, and let the kids draw in Sharpie. Then follow the steps below for how to take a perfect photograph.

Don’t worry about errors!

We can erase small blemishes, straighten text, scale drawings to fit the space, and move things around if necessary. If they make a big mistake, just cross it out and try again. Then it will be clear to us what to include and what to leave out.

Now take a great picture and upload it!

Using your phone, take a picture in good light and upload the largest file size possible. Alternatively, you can email us. The most important thing to ensure is that there are no shadows. Shadows can obscure the drawing and the detail will be lost. If you’re not sure if you have a good picture or not, send it to us. We will let you know if we need something different.

You can learn more about how to submit drawings, handwriting, and handprints here.

More about our rustic birch ornaments

Locally sourced from Canadian wood, these live-edge rustic birch ornaments look amazing on the Christmas tree. Each piece is unique and highlights all the beauty of natural wood.

  • Live edge rustic birch ornament
  • Canadian, locally sourced birch wood
  • Sizes range from 2″-3.5″ diameter
  • Natural size and shape variance (each piece is not exactly round)

Free pick up for local customers.

If you’re local to the Milton area, including Toronto, Georgetown, Burlington, Oakville, and beyond, choose “Milton Pickup” at check out and you can save on shipping. Pick up is from our Milton Studio

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Dimensions 11 × 7.5 × 1.25 in

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